Edward R. Morrison

Charles Evans Gerber Professor of Law, Columbia Law School

Director, Richman Center for Business, Law, & Public Policy

Editor, Journal of Legal Studies

Chair of Capital Markets Committee, National Bankruptcy Conference

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Published Papers

Working Papers

Amicus Briefs

Working Papers

Restructuring vs. Bankruptcy, in draft

With Jason Roderick Donaldson, Giorgia Piacentino, and Xiaobo Yu

How Large are Bankruptcy Distress Costs: Evidence from Judicial Assignments, in progress

With Belisa Pang

Leverage, Default, and Mortality: Evidence from Cancer Diagnoses, available on SSRN

With Arpit Gupta, Scott Ramsey, and Catherine Fedorenko

Manipulating Random Assignment: Evidence from Consumer Bankruptcies in the Nation's Largest Cities, available on SSRN

With Belisa Pang and Jon Zytnick

Health and Financial Fragility: Evidence from Car Crashes and Consumer Bankruptcy, available on SSRN

With Arpit Gupta, Lawrence Cook, Heather Keenan, and Lenora Olson